Opening Week

Posted on June 10th, by tanner in general. 2 comments

Hello world,

Over here at Quay Coffee we are finishing the prep steps to opening our doors. We hope to see any and everyone on Friday June 22nd as we take down the ugly brown paper in the windows and start pouring coffee.

If you live in any of the DEloft buildings or own a business in those buildings be on the look out for a flyer inviting you to a private “pre-opening” event next week.

If you happen to be walking by feel free to poke your head in and say hello as we are probably working inside.


2 Responses to “Opening Week”

  1. Rick Bross says:

    Great Article, I love this new coffee shop! Can’t wait to see where it goes!

  2. Adam Jones says:

    I love having this place in the neighborhood! You will struggle to find a better shop in KC, at least in my opinion!

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