About Us

The Quality

Forget your “triple non-fat caramel macchiato”, our espresso and single brewed coffee packs more flavor than any sugar filled drink you can buy.

the coffee

Quay Coffee promise is to deliver amazing coffee to you every single time you walk though the door. Our menu is simple, and it is simple for one reason: our coffee is good.

The quality of our coffee is due to our source of beans: Oddly Correct Roasters [website]. These guys roast direct trade coffee, make sure their growers are getting paid even above market cost, and are continuing to build personal relationships with their growers.

With a large service bar, multiple tables, and a large meeting room, there is a lot of space for study, reading, working, meeting, and socializing at Quay Coffee. Our goal is to be an extension of your living-room that happens to serve great coffee.

giving back

At Quay Coffee we have the opportunity to direct all of our positive cash flow back into local and global community needs.

It is part of our mission to promote social justice through the way we operate. So at Quay Coffee you may notice signage that points to some of the organizations we are supporting. These organizations offer hope to the lost and broken, and share with us in wanting to bring to light the injustice in this world.

We do not only want to serve you great coffee, but we want you to join us as we give back.